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Land. Where your empire begins, be it large or small. This guide explains everything you need to know when it comes to land in CryptoRome.

Types of land

There are four types of land in CryptoRome: Plots, Villages, Towns and Cities. All new players receive a free plot. It’s yours but there are limitations to what you can develop, and you cannot sell your plot. You can convert three villages into a town and three towns into a city, gaining a coordination and efficiency bonus along the way.

Resources found on your land

Remember: land in CryptoRome has real value. The resources produced on land are needed to advance in the game and therefore have significance within the CryptoRome economy.

A village contains six slots for producing resources or placing buildings. All villages come with three slots filled with randomly generated farms or mines that produce resources, plus one barracks for troop production. Town resource production consists of the production of its underlying villages and city resource production will consist of the production of its underlying towns.

When a land card (Village, Town or City) is generated, it will display the type of resources produced by that land and its production level. Examples of a Village, Town and City card are below.

An overview of resources found in CryptoRome

All resources have value. They can be sold to other players, produce new items and bring other benefits to players. However, resources vary in terms of rarity and potential value they bring players in the game. Rarity levels start at Level 1 (Wheat and Wood) and go to Level 6 (Marble). Level 6 resources are the most rare, appearing on less than 1% of all villages.

You can only produce resources that are found on your land (from what has been randomly generated). For example, if your village produces wheat, grapes and iron, you can only produce wheat, grapes and iron on that village. Didn’t get the resource you were looking for from the land you purchased? You can try purchasing additional land or just purchase those resources in the Resource Marketplace (coming soon).

Here’s a brief guide explaining what resources are available and their rarity in the game:

Purchasing Land

If you did not purchase land in the pre-sale or would like to purchase more land, head over to the Marketplace and see what is available. For credit card purchases and bulk purchases please contact us here.

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