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Land. Where your empire begins, be it large or small.

There are three types of land in CryptoRome: Villages, Towns and Cities. You can convert three villages into a town and three towns into a city, gaining a coordination and efficiency bonus along the way.

Land in CryptoRome has real value.

The resources produced on land are used to advance in the game and therefore have significance within the CryptoRome economy.

A village contains six slots for producing resources or placing buildings. All villages come with three slots filled with randomly generated farms or mines that produce resources. All resources have value. They can be sold into Trajan’s Market (for real money!), produce new items and bring other benefits to players. Resources vary in terms of rarity and potential value they bring players in the game.

You choose what to build on the remaining slots. Add a barracks for a larger army or add structures like a winery or blacksmith. You have many options to improve your village!

When you purchase a new village you have earned naming rights! Names are permanent. The name you give the village will be forever held in CryptoRome blockchain history!

Let’s get your first village

Are you ready to get a village of your own? Are you ready to build a massive army to claim prizes and glory for your lands?

Each village you buy in Italia is yours, forever (unless you decide to sell it). It cannot be conquered, it cannot be taken. It is a one-of-a-kind unique digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain - owned by you.

Each new village comes with randomly generated resources. What will you discover?

Price: Ξ 0.12 

Purchasing Land

If you would like to purchase more land, head over to the Marketplace and see what is available. For bulk purchases please contact us here.

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