Welcome to CryptoRome, from your Caesar

Hello, dear friend. What you are about to embark upon is both simple and complex. Get a plot of land, build an army and conquer your enemies. Sounds simple - but hold up. There is so much more to this world that you will soon discover.

I know it’s hard to believe but I was once a small, insignificant, puny, foul-smelling nothing such as yourself. No offense. So take some advice from Caesar and in no time you’ll be swimming in denari like me:

  • Create a new player name and claim your free plot of land. This is all you need to get started in CryptoRome.
  • Compete against others in the Caesar Triumph Tournament. Attack and win a card. Feels good, doesn’t it!
  • Taste victory. Savor it. Then, watch someone take that card from you. Declare that person your mortal enemy and swear revenge.

It’s that simple.

The path from here, my friend, is yours to choose. Want to be the general of a mighty army? Go for it. Looking to be an entrepreneur? Buy and sell land, develop and sell resources and items and rake in the income. Want to conquer lands, be praised as a hero of the people, strategically form alliances, make close friends and allies, only to have someone stab you in the back when you least expect?!!!? Sorry. That got a little personal.

Point is - you can be you in CryptoRome.

Now go! It’s all right there in front of you. Caesar wishes you well.

Yours truly,

Enter CryptoRome

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