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A world of economic, political and military strategy awaits you. Build your empire from a free plot of land.

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Over 12 ETH in daily prizes already awarded!

Settle in Italy

Own Land

The land you buy in Italia is yours, forever (unless you decide to sell it). It cannot be conquered, it cannot be taken. It is a one-of-a-kind unique digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain - owned by you.

Produce troops and resources

Land you own produces new troops and resources every day. Build on and improve your land. Increase resource production. Enhance its value.

Conquer European Land

European land outside of Italia can only be conquered. Attack new lands in Europe each day. Defend conquered ones. Tactically re-enforce your provinces or vital resource producing areas.

Make Real Ether

Become Caesar of CryptoRome

...or rise to power as a senator. Caesar and the senators are awarded daily taxes in Ether

Sell Resources

Sell your land's resources, troops, or improvements to other players to aid them in their cause.

Employ Other Income Strategies

There are many other opportunities to earn real Ether playing CryptoRome. Learn more.

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